Domestic Assault

Criminal cases in Colorado that allege domestic violence are some of the most challenging for the accused. When facing criminal charges like these, you need to be confident you have an aggressive and experienced defense attorney on your side.

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Because of the relationships involved, these criminal cases are often wrought with emotion and are more stressful than most. We understand you are under significant stress. You need someone who is on your side. We want to help.

You may feel like you have been wrongfully accused. Or you may be prepared to accept that you acted in a way that you now regret. Whatever the situation, we want to hear about it and are ready to aggressively defend you against the charges in court.

We know everyone makes mistakes. We want to assist you with our legal expertise and aggressive work ethic. We have successfully represented many clients in domestic cases and want to represent you as well.

What Is Domestic Violence under Colorado Law?

Colorado defines domestic violence as any form of violence, coercion, revenge or intimidation, between people who are or have been involved in an “intimate relationship”. This means that domestic violence doesn’t only happen between husbands and wives. Domestic violence can happen between:

  • Spouses and ex-spouses
  • People who share a child
  • Couples who are currently or formerly in a relationship

Ref: CRS 18-6-800.3

Colorado Domestic Violence Penalties

While the criminal charge against you may not be called “domestic violence”, it could be a domestic offense. What this means is there is no law that specifically makes domestic violence illegal. An act of domestic violence must already be a crime (i.e. assault) and then the relationship with the alleged victim makes it domestic in nature.

If the offense you are charged with is domestic in nature, your sentence can be altered. For instance, if you face 4 to 12 years in prison for a 2nd degree assault charge and the victim is your ex-wife, your sentence can include additional terms.

  • If convicted of a crime of domestic violence, you will be required to undergo a treatment evaluation for your abusive behaviors.
  • A domestic violence conviction is not eligible to be served under house arrest where the victim resides with you.
  • Domestic violence charges can also affect child custody arrangements and divorce proceedings.
  • In the case of plea agreements, the law prevents the prosecution from offering you a plea deal where the term “domestic” is eliminated from the conviction, unless it can be shown that you and the alleged victim never had an intimate relationship.

Ref: CRS 18-6-801

Accused of a Domestic Related Criminal Offense? Get the Legal Advice You Need

Domestic violence convictions can cause tremendous difficulties in your life. You could be facing a restraining order against you, and additional civil legal problems, especially if you are involved in divorce proceedings.  And you face the stigma of being labeled a domestic violence offender.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge in the state of Colorado, you need legal help. You need the assistance of an aggressive and determined defense firm.

Call us to discuss the specifics of your case today. Find out if we are the attorneys to help you work out this difficult legal situation you find yourself in. The consultation is free.

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