Harassment / Stalking

Being accused of a criminal offense like harassment or stalking can be a traumatic experience. We know you are stressed and frightened about the possibility of what you are facing, which could include jail time. We know that having a defense lawyer on your side to explain what you are going through can be a big help. And of course, we are there to fight for your rights, and make sure that you get the fair treatment required under the law.

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Whatever happened that led to a Colorado harassment or stalking charge, we can help you sort through the legal defense options.

Your actions may have been taken completely out of context or misinterpreted. Or you may have done something you now regret, at an emotional moment. Whatever the case, we want to hear your side of things, and we know how to help you.

We have successfully handled many cases like this in the Colorado criminal courts. There is a good chance we handled one like yours, and can draw directly on that experience in court. And we’ll be able to give you the straight story on what could happen to you, what is likely to happen to you, and how we can fight for the best outcome possible.

Colorado Harassment Laws

There are several actions that can be considered harassment under Colorado law. If you are accused of any of the following with the intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person, you can be charged with harassment:

  1. Striking, shoving, kicking or touching another person,
  2. Directing obscene language or gestures to another person in a public place,
  3. Following a person in a public place,
  4. Calling someone or contacting them by phone, computer, or other system with intent to harass, or threaten, or makes obscene calls,
  5. Calling another person repeatedly whether or not a conversation happens,
  6. Repeatedly communicating at inconvenient hours, or
  7. Repeatedly insulting, taunting, or challenging someone in a manner likely to provoke a fight.

Harassment Penalties in Colorado

Harassment is a Class 3 misdemeanor in most circumstances. This classification of offense carries a potential penalty of up to 6 months in jail and a $50 fine.

Ref: CRS 18-9-111

Colorado Stalking Laws

The Colorado state legislature treats stalking as a very serious offense and the stalking laws and penalties reflect that. If you are facing a stalking charge you could face serious prison time and very large fines.

You may be charged with stalking if you are accused of any of the following:

  1. Make a threat to someone and also repeatedly follow, approach, contact, or watch that person, someone in their family, or someone they have a relationship with,
  2. Make a threat to someone and repeatedly try to communicate with that person, a member of their family or someone they have a relationship with, whether or not a conversation ensues.
  3. Repeatedly follow, approach, contact, watch, or attempt communication with someone, a member of their family, or someone they have a relationship with in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to suffer serious emotional distress and does cause someone to duffer serious emotional distress.

If this is a first offense stalking charge you will face a Class 5 felony charge that carries a potential sentence of 1 to 3 years in prison and fines from $1,000 to $100,000.

A second or subsequent stalking charge or it is committed in violation of a protection order, the charge is elevated to a Class 4 felony and carries a potential sentence of 2 to 6 years in prison and fines of $2,000 to $500,000.

Ref: CRS 18-9-111

Free Legal Consultation on a Stalking or Harassment Charge in Colorado

Both harassment and stalking are offenses that are taken very seriously in the Colorado courts. You need an aggressive attorney on your side willing to fight hard for the best possible results in court.

But we understand that you need someone who can advice you and help you, not judge you. We believe that everyone is absolutely innocent until proven guilty. And everyone deserves the right to a vigorous defense under the laws of Colorado.

Call for a consultation on your case today.

call nowCharged with a crime in Colorado? Please call (800) 927-0644
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