Restraining Order Violations

A Colorado restraining order violation is a very serious offense. Judges and prosecutors are likely to come down hard on these kinds of violations, regardless of how serious the facts are.

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Regardless of why the restraining order was in place, you must abide by its terms. Now that you are facing additional criminal charges for violating it, you could be looking at jail time and fines. You need a tough and smart defense attorney on your side when you go in front of the judge this time.

There are many reasons there may have been a restraining order in place. The sad fact is that even if the restraining order was taken out for false reasons, it is still valid until it is vacated by the courts. This means, you must abide by it or face criminal charges.

Because there was obviously a history behind the situation leading to the restraining order, the judge will look down upon a violation of the court’s order. It may seem to the judge as a blatant disregard of the law.

When you are up against this type of charge, you want to be certain you choose the right attorney for the job. We know what you are facing because we have handled cases like this before. In fact, we have probably handled one very similar to yours.

We are interested in your case and what happened on the day you got charged with violating a restraining order. Call us and let us know what happened. We will be happy to tell you how we can help.

Colorado Restraining Order Procedures

There are a few types of restraining orders in Colorado. They serve different purposes but must be adhered to in the same manner.

Temporary restraining orders (TRO) are typically issued in county court and are put in place until a hearing can be held.

Permanent restraining orders (PRO) are more long term and are only put in place once a hearing has been held.

Both of these types of restraining orders are to:

  • Prevent assaults and bodily harm,
  • Prevent stalking,
  • Prevent domestic abuse, or
  • Prevent emotional abuse of the elderly.

There are also Emergency Protection Orders (EPO) typically put in place over the weekend of holidays when a court is not available. They are done when the police believe someone is in immediate danger of being hurt.

If you violate any of these restraining orders, you can face further criminal prosecution.

Penalties for Violation of a Restraining Order in Colorado

In most situations, violation of a restraining order is a Class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by 3 months to 1 year in jail as well as fines from $250-$1,000.

Ref: CRS 18-6-803.5

In addition to this, if a crime is committed while you are violating the restraining order, you will be prosecuted for that crime separately. Some offenses, like stalking, are sentenced more severely if there is a protection order in place.

Free Consultation on a Restraining Order Violation Charge in Colorado

Going in front of the judge after violation a court order can be very nerve wracking. You are accused of something very personal and potentially life-changing. You need to be confident in your choice of attorneys, and we can earn that confidence.

Call today to discuss your new charges and how they came about.

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